Le Sigh… The End of Days

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Well, my friends, it comes to pass that this site shall be removed, as it is not compatible with new assignments and such and so forth.

Perhaps some day, after retirement (should that be my ultimate and rather tragic fate as a cog in this Army machine), publishing may be in order. I shall keep a log, privately, for such a development. Any ideas on titles before this site disappears?

Thanks to all that have supported me as I wander through the interesting developments in my life over the past seven years. To those in the service or who ever entertained the idea of joining, learn well from my mistakes and experiences. To those that never joined and plan to never join, support those that did or do, as they probably need it as they wade through the silliness. Remember that, just like most things in life, no one knows what a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine goes through until they have lived it themselves, and that the whole experience is always what you make of it. Take life seriously only when other lives depend on it, and laugh about everything else.

In short: Speak softly and carry a big boomstick, but you better make sure you know how to use the damn thing before coming to my range.

Be safe, dear readers. I’m off to save the world…

“Mama Mama can’t you see
What this Army’s done for me
Mama Mama can’t you see
This Army life is killing me
I don’t know why I left
But I must have done wrong
And it won’t be long
‘Til I get on back home”

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