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Normally I like to avoid political discussion, because everyone has their own opinion and so on and so forth. My father told me never to talk politics or religion with friends if you expect to remain so.

However, something in the news is making me laugh. A lot. In that tragic way.

This international hooplah recently exploded over a political cartoon released in European newspapers. Mohammed with a bomb for a turban, for those who haven’t been keeping up on the news (can’t say I blame you). After the cartoon was released, Muslims were angry because it depicts not only an image of Mohammed, which is against their religion, but because it depicts Islam as a violent religion. They have now set fire to a Danish and a Norwegian embassy, one each, protested, beaten people, held signs that call for the extermination of those that slander Islam, and so on and so forth.

Okay okay okay. So let me get this straight. You are angry that your religion has been depicted as violent. So the proper response would be… SET FIRE TO THOSE CRAZY DANES! EVIL NORWEIGANS! Next I expect it to be DOWN WITH THE SWISS AND THOSE CLEVER YET SOMETIMES COMPLICATED KNIVES AND SUPERWATCHES! I mean, honestly. Let’s pick the most random European countries possible and burn their embassies to the ground? Who is in charge here? Who makes these arrangements? Who is making the calls here? Because that is a person in some serious need for guidance.

I know these idiots aren’t a representation of all Muslims, as most of the Muslims I am friends with are actually reasonable, intelligent, non-violent, happy people with real jobs and they don’t have an underground bomb lab. Maybe they can talk to some of their whacko bretheren. I mean, political cartoons are political cartoons. The Jews, the Christians, Bhuddists, Taoists, just about everyone has been made fun of by caricature with big chins and big noses. Get over it. Seriously. Not everything is a personal insult.

And oh yeah: proving the point of the cartoon is probably the wrong way to go about convincing people that it was wrong. I mean, call me crazy (goodness knows I’ve been called that before, even by people with advanced medical degrees), but one would think that maybe some letters to the editor would have done it. I didn’t see Bill Clinton burning down embassies whenever he got teased, nor the entire country of Canada, which usually has something said about them almost once a week. Exactly when did people get so stupid? Who’s watch was that on, because I know it wasn’t mine.

Now I understand why so many houses in the nations of at least Iraq and Afghanistan were made of mud: insult your neighbor and get your house torched.

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    Funny Garfield cartoon and article.

    Comment by Steve — 2/8/2006 @ 9:50 am

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