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Okay, right. So turns out when you are getting something for free, a recession really might put a cramp in your style when the free-ness makes no money and goes bankrupt. And when that free-ness is, say, a blog taking up server space, sometimes there is unexpected down time when bankrupt happens.

But my loving and compassionate friends who know WAY more about computers than I do (and actually make use of their very expensive educations instead of running off to join the military like i did) got it all fixed, so back in action now. As soon as I am less lazy (and have not the 14 hour day that I had today) I will update with the notes I took over the past month or so, backdating accordingly.

For now, though, the cat is trying to eat my dinner, so updates are for later while I save my meal. She’s like the privates: give her a taste of something good once, she wants it all the time and whines until she gets it. This is why I never feed the Soldiers corned beef…

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  1. yep, sorry about the outage — it was as surprising to me as it was to you! the new owners of the facility cut power to the rack that held the server. (they figured that that was the most effective way to get in touch with me.) after much hacking that involved interstate shipping, much borrowing of equipment, and mild operating system acrobatics, plus a two-week interruption for final exams and a trip to berkeley, chris and i managed to rescue all the data from the server’s hard drives. in summary, i’m the worst pro bono system administrator ever.

    Comment by ben — 6/22/2009 @ 2:43 pm

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