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Getting up on almost three months ago I had an MRI adventure. It involved multiple needles, medication, and attempting not to dislocate my shoulder while being crammed into an MRI machine with my arm awkwardly shoved halfway around my own neck.

About the only thing that would have made that day less convenient would have been getting up at 0300 to navigate the construction zones on the Autobahn to make it to Landstuhl in time to be shot up with needles, take my medication, and attempt not to dislocate my shoulder. Presumably in order to keep my anger management problems in check, my First Sergeant and doctor both agreed that sending me along the night before would be a good idea. I found a hotel room on a nearby base for 35 dollars, and the Army would supplement some food, convenience, and possible gas charges. Overall, I think my First Sergeant submitted the total bill for roughly 150 dollars.

It has been kicked back three times before today because the doctor wrote a memorandum justifying my need to go the night before instead of sending an appointment slip. This was not a familiar concept to those in our movement section, so it took several attempts at explanation before they agreed that the memo actually provided them with more information anyway. They agreed roughly a month ago to authorize payment.

Today I got a message from those great guys at movement again. It said, direct [mostly] quote:

Your Authorization was stamped RETURNED by [Name of same guy who didn't understand a memo for six weeks]. Travel authorization number CANNOT be completed because: [your ever charming unit] is out of FY 09 funding.

I have long since paid the 35 dollars on my government card, and had packed a sandwich from home that day anyway because my unit is notorious for delayed payments. The money did not bother me, though it terrified me because I am once again confirmed for a class date in August and there is already confusion and denials about who is going to fund the trip. If they cannot scrounge up 150 dollars for me to dislocate my shoulder and check on Xenu, how on Earth are they going to afford the one thing that might keep me in the military?

These are the great mysteries that I sleep soundly through at night. It’s nice not to really care anymore…

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