Dumb Idea #873

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I get a lot of dumb ideas. I doubt many would argue that, so not much point in justifying it with examples. Better to just accept it as truth and move on with my life, trying to identify when an idea might just be too dumb even for me.

That particular point, the identification and thus getting rid of the dumb idea, is where the malfunction appears to be. I should really talk to the brain doctors about it whenever I have confirmation of my next class date so I am no longer afraid to get my head examined again…

Moving on, so yesterday I happened to come across an ultra-marathon website.

I hate running. I do it, and I don’t usually mind it when I am doing it for about the first ten minutes, then I always get bored and start thinking about the things I would rather be doing at that particular moment. The time passes in that way, but it isn’t a particularly fun way to spend my mornings.

Then I read that a lot of people WALK most of these ultra-marathons. Well, I can walk forever and never get bored. I have no idea why, but will blame it on Xenu for now so I can move on to other topics. This concept of walking 250 kilometers across four of the major deserts in the world seemed like a fabulous idea.

I mentioned it to my warrant. He said that it was the dumbest thing he had ever heard. I mentioned it to my husband. He asked why I wanted to pay money to see a lot of sand, and informed me that I was an idiot. I don’t know why I bothered to mention it to my first sergeant, since all he did was call me a fool and move on. My sister is about the only one who thought it sounded neat, but she actually runs marathons so I think she’s out of her mind.

I have a feeling that I am somehow going to do this sooner or later, at least one of the deserts if not all four. I have been banned from high altitudes for the time being until the doctors can figure out how dumb it is for me to go above 5,000 meters or so. They fail to realize that usually means I will be more inclined to try it anyway.

I will nurse this dumb idea; I will coddle it and love it until I can figure out how to raise the money to actually do it. I almost feel that things like this are expected of me at this point, and I would certainly hate to disappoint.

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