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So about a week ago my warrant officer sent me an email. It went something like this (not a direct quote, but in essence):

“You have to go to the field the Monday you get back. It’s because you are one of the only non-commissioned officers left in the company. Have fun. Sorry. Bye.”

It had more detail, but that was essentially the message. My unit periodically runs a refresher-type course for our units and other participating units out in Middle-Of-Nowhere, Germany. By periodically I mean a few times a year. He was notifying me that it was my turn to go be the NCO link to the other units, and I would start two days after my return from my course. Good times, only not really.

So I returned on Friday afternoon and proceeded to make the phone calls to figure out where I needed to be and when and if I had time Monday morning to pick up a prescription which wouldn’t get me to the field until late morning. Despite having notified me, he apparently hadn’t really found time to figure out those essentials in the past week or so despite being located in the same area as the others attending the fun. I made one phone call, found the Officer-in-Charge of the ordeal, and asked her. She mentioned she thought I wasn’t coming anymore. Apparently the person covering for my first few days (the exercise prep started a few days earlier) had not received funding for the course he was supposed to attend this week, so it had been assumed that he was staying. I called him to confirm, and he bitterly responded that he may as well stay, but I HAD to take the next one (he also took care of the last one and we are supposed to rotate between the three people of acceptable rank for the job). I will probably head out there by the weekend instead to relieve him, seeing as how I had planned to be there anyway and now have that oppressive guilt that comes with someone telling me “Don’t worry about it… I will do it for you this time.” It’s like when my mother used to ask me to clean something and I would wait too long so she would say, “Fine. I’ll just do it myself,” usually with a follow-on threat to throw everything I owned into the garbage.

But it is definitely business as usual, seeing as how the person covering has no idea if all of a sudden on Monday or Tuesday the funding will come through and I will have to rush out to cover him. That is actually anticipated, seeing as how I received funds a week prior to my departure and the last person to attend the course received funds roughly two days prior. So back to my world of not knowing where I will end up 36 hours from now, back to my world of sudden phone calls of, “Uh oh… could you,” and back to my days of planning things that I have to cancel because they are more than a week away.

Basically, back to business in Germany. 7 months, 14 days and counting…

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