Off Again

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Someone owes me a cheeseburger.

See, good cheeseburgers are pretty hard to find in Germany, so whenever we make a bet it has become habit to bet a cheeseburger. My first sergeant appears to have started it.

Well, I was right on this one. Shenanigans were conducted, and I now get to head to the field at sometime-before-the-sun-rises tomorrow.

Luckily, since I am on field staff for the exercise, it isn’t a real field problem for me. I can bring a few uniforms, but can change into People Clothes after the day is done and go back to a hotel room. My officer said she didn’t want to sleep on a cot this time, so we are all getting full duty pay to get a hotel for our element. Apparently, this is the way this whole course that we are hosting is supposed to run, but this did not occur on all previous iterations. So really, I am just going to a hotel for two weeks and spending my day herding cats… er… privates… same thing… around large open areas interspersed with asbestos-filled buildings from the days Elvis was a private.

Then I come back and a week later spend three MORE days in the field showing a different group of cats which end is dangerous on the boomstick. Hopefully I can doctor-dodge long enough to fire a boomstick myself this time, since they get uppity when my shoulders act like party favors and move in ways shoulders aren’t supposed to move. But either way I will have to go and chaperone, so good times. Maybe it will start snowing by then, too, which always makes for a great time standing outside yelling at people for 12 hours or so of my day!

Ah, the Army life. Who could possibly want to get out?

Off to pack. Then again, I am expecting a call tomorrow that says funding got cancelled and thanks for playing, go home. I said I wanted variety in my life. Looks like I at least got unpredictability, which is close to variety… though it has become rather predictable unpredictability…

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